Common Controversies on the Assignment Writing Services

Common Controversies on the Assignment Writing Services

Assignments are a crucial part of students’ coursework and degree. They submit assignments to get good grades in a particular subject and stand out in the class. However, many students just cannot work on their assignments and hire UK based assignment writing services. Some students want but do not hire them due to controversies about those services. They think that assignment writing services are not genuine, and they only loot students.

Note that all the controversies about such services are just rumors. They are not true in any sense. Undoubtedly, some services on the internet do scams with students. They take their money and do not deliver the promised work. But most of the writing services are genuine. Anyways, in today’s article, I will talk about the most common controversies regarding writing services. Those controversies are also the misconceptions about such services. So, let’s start our today’s discussion with the following question.

What Are Common Controversies On The Assignment Writing Services?

Many students scare to hire writing services. It happens due to the controversies circling about these services. Let’s discuss the common controversies regarding writing services and why students should not consider them.

Underqualified Writers

A long-standing belief is that only the native speakers of a language have the perfect command of the grammar of that language. The same is the case with writing services. Students think writing services that do not employ native speakers of the language English are not the best. Remember that it is merely a controversy. It has nothing to do with the reality because writers in a writing service are selected on the basis of selection criteria. Even the non-native speakers of the language are PhDs.

Scam Services

A common belief among students is that every online service is a scam. Students are somewhat right in this belief because not everything that glitters is gold. They might have ended up hiring a service that is a scam in the past. But calling every service a scam based on this is not a thing acceptable to the mind. This is merely a controversy as many legit services also work on the internet. However, it is a fact that many students take this controversy very seriously. They do not hire writing services because of this.

Ethical Concerns

“Are essay writing services legit?” It is the top question searched on google about assignment writing services. The reason behind this question is the formal schooling of students. The teachers teach them to submit 100% independent work from there, and it is why this question is always on the top. It has taken the shape of more like a controversy rather than a question. Thus, ethical concerns are a type of controversy.

Deliver Plagiarised Work

Another controversy about writing services is that they deliver plagiarised work. This can be the case with unregistered services. Most of the time, writing services have access to premium plagiarism checking tools, and they deliver you only originally written content. But still, it is a big question mark on the face of writing services.


The list of controversies on assignment writing services is not short. The above-mentioned controversies are only the major ones students think about when hiring them. However, there are companies like The Academic Papers UK which are registered and legit. You can trust them for your college and university assignments.

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